Family Audit. CWe believe that a company like ours can and must be ethical and fair, especially towards our employees. The work environment has an impact on the motivation of individuals and on the performance and efficacy of the whole company. The well-being of our staff and their families is strictly connected to the company growth, the productivity increase and to our attractiveness. This is the reason why, in order to find concrete solutions to everyday needs of our staff, we have equipped ourselves with a management tool which aims to introduce a true change in the company culture by starting from within, i.e. from our employees.

The Family Audit certification foresees the implementation of new measures to better combine work needs with private and family needs. After months of meetings, our internal work group came up with a 21-measure plan which will gradually and also indirectly improve the organizational climate, reduce psycho-physical stress, boost employee motivation and satisfaction, increase business performances, cut down on absenteeism, preserve business know-how and educate managers to be attentive and sensitive to the needs of the employees.



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