“Very reliable: in 13 years they never got a delivery wrong – we see them as partners because they have a consulting approach and advise us on the quality of paper. We are very focused on quality, service and certifications, and another plus is the availability of environmentally-friendly materials”

Luca Mich,
La Sportiva


Communication needs vary from company to company. Some wish to convey tradition and some innovation. Some want to display, some want others to feel. Some rely on design or hi-tech, while others have a more artistic or artisanal approach. Choosing sophisticated materials, matching the colors, picking natural colors, resorting to tactile and sensorial stimuli, opting for an original packaging…these are all variables which we consider carefully, on which we work closely and exchange opinions, respecting deadlines and budgets. Once the goal is identified, we work together on the right combination of these factors: this will be decisive for the success of the process.