“Our suppliers are primarily multinational corporations but we are much better off with Esperia. Since they are a family business like us, they are much more streamlined and flexible and suit us better in terms of timing and responsiveness to our needs”

Stefano Schiavini, Menz & Gasser 


What is the right attire to make a product more appealing? What do we really need to protect it, make it more practical, less bulky and even make it easier to sell? Prepackaged solutions are almost never the optimal ones. To be able to compete on the marketplace, you have to stand out, and the package is often as important as its content.
The process of developing and engineering a new package encompasses unavoidable steps: detailed study of dimensions to limit space waste and identify the best yield and copy cost; prototypes and samples to verify strength and elasticity, machinability and ease of assembly; trial runs and plant tests. This way there will be no bad surprises and the product is truly customized.