Our History

Esperia is an industrial printing company naturally dedicated to minimizing their impact on the environment and ensuring the well-being of their employees through an ethical and social organization.

This is the story of a family. A story which dates back to over 60 years ago. The first steps towards its founding were taken by Clemente Cainelli who, in 1963, turned his experience and entrepreneurship spirit into a printing company which got everyone involved: starting from his children Sonia e Gianni, to his grandchildren Maura and Walter. These three generations grew up with the immense luck of being surrounded by the mountains in Trentino and with the great responsibility of also being their guardian. The respect for nature, for the dignity of work and for the sacrifice that they had been taught made those children of yesterday the managers of today.


We support companies that wish to stand out for their green touch.

For years we have been pursuing the goal of a production which is respectful of human and environmental resources. To this end, we have adopted a series of virtuous practices, ranging from adequate environmental certifications to the adoption of new purchase and business management models. We develop and produce customized, environmentally friendly and high-end solutions for packaging, cataloguing and printing. Our readiness and attitude towards service and advice permeates all of our activities. For this reason, the whole structure, at every level, is characterized by a remarkable flexibility of intervention, which is what our customers treasure the most.